Electromotion Massage Pillow (Shipped From USA)
Electromotion Massage Pillow (Shipped From USA)

Electromotion Massage Pillow (Shipped From USA)

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Too busy for the spa? Why not get a luxurious massage right in the comfort of your own home? Our premium Shiatsu Pillow Massager lets you enjoy a fantastic Shiatsu-style massage anytime, anywhere! The 4 deep-kneading rotating nodes work wonders to relieve aches knots and muscle tension. All you have to do is sit back, press the 'On' button, and simply let your stress melt away. Give yourself the gift of relaxation at home, work or when you travel.

The Electomotion Massage Pillow with Heat delivers a circular kneading massage and invigorating vibration to loosen tight muscles. Using the latest massage technology, this massage pillow's massaging nodes move in an inward and outward motion for a deeper, more authentic massage experience. The versatile design allows you to target your neck, back, or shoulders.


Hot compress: temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius
Massage mode: Positive rotation Kneading massage Inversion massage
Working time: 15 minutes
Home power supply: AC100V~240V
Vehicle mounted power supply: DC12V
Working voltage: DC12V
Rated power: 30W
Net weight: 1.5kg
Household power line length: 1.2 meters
The car with the power line length: 1.2 meters
Safety protection: over heat & over current protection

CAUTION! DO NOT use on bare skin. DO NOT use on sensitive skin areas, areas of the body that are inflamed, areas with open sores or wounds, or areas of the body with poor circulation. Extensive use could lead to excessive heating. If the product becomes too warm, discontinue use and allow the unit to cool before operating.

DO NOT use this device without the cover or if the cover becomes damaged in any way. If you are prone to heat sensitivity OR are insensitive to heat OR have limited temperature perception, use the heat function with extreme caution. Use a towel, blanket, or other fabric made from non-flammable materials between you and the device to reduce your body’s exposure to heat, and take 15 to 20-minute breaks between sessions. Be aware that the friction of the rolling shiatsu massage combined with the heat function can intensify heat sensitivity. Wearing rough materials while using the massager may increase your risk for friction burns.

Consult with your doctor before using this massager if you have a serious medical condition such as heart disease, rheumatism, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, or various skin diseases OR if you may be pregnant or if you have a pacemaker, artificial limb, or pins or screws inside any area of your body.

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